Insurance of vehicles

Such type of property insurance is rather demanded among simple owners of the cars or other moving equipment and among the state or legal entities. Such interest is caused first of all by high cost of such property type and availability of the legislation requiring accomplishment of item of compulsory insurance of vehicles.

Vehicles can be land, water and air movement. All above-mentioned types can be insured against theft, destruction, different damages and combined insurance options.

The combined options include the insurance of vehicle and the property which is inside of it, life, health of the driver and passengers.

The insurance of public bus, where there is an insurance protection of the vehicle, all drivers of this bus and passengers taking part in the trip and the transported luggage, are insured automatically.

Depending on types of vehicles insurance can have a policy of compulsory, additional and transit insurance agreements.

The transit policy is purchased in case of vehicle driving from one place to another. Insurance term by such type usually doesn’t exceed 30 days.

Payments for insurance are made in the following values:

When stealing the vehicle: all-in estimated value minus depreciation rate.

In case of the destroyed property: the difference between total cost and cost of parts suitable for operation should be paid.

In case of damage: repair price of the vehicle and parts requiring replacementshould be paid.

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