Third Party Unlawful Acts (TPUA) Insurance

TPUA or Third Party Unlawful Acts is rather widespread type of insurance especially important for maintaining some types of business. For example damage of ATM, coffee machine, office, advertising structures, in other words, the property which is in free access of passers-by and not protected by any additional protection. Such type of insurance includes theft, robbery, banditry; destruction of property or its damage intentional or by inadvertence.

Insurance companies in case of the agreement conclusion, try to limit the of policy extension to some cases in which payment will be made. In certain cases even the term “Third Party Unlawful Acts” is not used, and limited definitions are neatly specified.

According to the definition of TPUA there are following formulations:

“Theft” – is formulated as a process of secret plunder of property of other person.

“Theft and penetration” is secret appropriation of property of other person with penetration into alien house or storehouse.

“Robbery” is not hidden appropriation of someone’s property.

“Robbery with penetration” is not the hidden assignment of someone else’s property with penetration into the room (residential or production).

“Banditry” is harming of person by attack with the purpose to take away the property belonging to other person. May contain violent and life-threatening and health nature.

Also robbery performed during transportation of goods refers to such type of insurance. At that, the subject which carries out transportation is equated to the insured person according by his guarantee.

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