Private Persons Property Insurance

Property insurances of private person is aimed at safety of his dwelling from the most widespread risks, such as theft and fire, and also some other risks less widespread, however essential for the specific person.

There are two types of property of private persons insurance. This is property compulsory insurance and property voluntary insurance.

You should purchase an obligatory insurance of property in case of implementation of actions for providing social guarantees by the legislation at the availability of the insurance policy for the third parties safety.

Voluntary insurance provides the transactions providing a guarantee of safety of your values for which, in your opinion, something threatens.

There is also a certain segment of voluntary and forced insurance market where you are compelled to insure your property, as though on a voluntary basis. However, without the conclusion of such agreement you won’t be able to use certain services. For example, if you want to use services of carrier, with you won’t sign the agreement on transportation without paying at least the minimum insurance sum. Moreover, you need not choose the insurance company most likely to you will be suggested to sign the contract with partner-insurer of the carrier company. Or there is also rather widespread option when in case of loan acquisition of any goods for the period of loan payout to borrowing bank you will be compelled to insure the bought things. In case of refusal from payment for such policy, to you it will be refused in purchase in credit.

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