Package Property Insurance

The property which can be insured is divided into movable and immovable. The real estate is houses, buildings, walls or in other words, that it is impossible to move. And, respectively, movable, it is everything that possible to move.

Such type of property can be insured against impact of fire, water, wind and any other types of destructions.

Usually, in case of insurance of real estate people apply package property insurance, including in it not only house, but also household constructions round it. Also, the agreement can include also movables which are inside it.

To personal estate you may relate everything that is inside of the insured immovable object.

Anyway, each option of insurance is considered separately and individually. The package type of insurance is more convenient than the insurance of each object separately.

The cost of package property insurance is calculated from estimated value of each part separately and the nuances determined in the agreement.

At that, the basis is calculated from the main most expensive insurable property as well as in case of other type of insurance, in case of detection of depreciation or, for example, identification of the fact of unauthorized completion, the cost of an insurance will be higher, and in certain cases a refusal of the insurance company to conclude the agreement may follow.

It is also possible to include the responsibility of people participating in operation of the insured object in the insurance package.

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