Organizations And Enterprises Property Insurance

When using the state and non-state corporate property of enterprise, all property is subjected to voluntary insurance. Based on the basic insurance agreement the enterprise and organization insure real estate (offices, rooms, shops, etc.) and personal estate (vehicles, equipment, engineering, etc.) which is on initially declared balance.

In the course of economic activity new values appear requiring additional insurance. For example, goods or the equipment attracted for the period of accomplishment of certain works or current assets of production. Additional insurance contract for insurance protection of such values is signed including cases when the property is in the territory of the enterprise or organization on the basis of the lease contract, it is also insured based on the additional agreement.

The general agreement of voluntary insurance doesn’t join things of special value or value which can’t be determined. Such subjects of desire of owners are insured separately on special conditions.

The additional agreement is also signed for parts of the enterprise which are in zones of collapse, landslides, and also other natural disasters in terms when this threat is declared by the competent organizations, such as Ministry of Emergency Situations or hydrological service. This construction can be added to the basic agreement only before its termination. Then it is insured either by separate special agreement or is not subjected to the insurance at all.

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