Nuances, Conditions And Risks In Case Of Proprietary Insurance

Property insurance is complicated from the point of view of some nuances and conditions of insurance companies. You should become a qualified enough specialist in order to insure your values correctly and effectively otherwise you risk to spend your money and not receive compensation in case of loss occurrence. Besides, the availability of huge range of programs complicates your choice and may confuse you.

Local insurance companies bravely declare the compliance of their activities to the European standards. Though actually it is far from truth! Really, almost all products offered by such companies actually are copied from similar European programs. However, it is just similarity, but in real life we have much more sorrowful result.

If nevertheless you plan to make insurance you should know some nuances:

- what responses are received by this company from users of its products;

- what financial guarantees of payments this company is able to provide you;

- find out exact rates and understand all nuances;

- when reading the agreement pay attention to availability of footnotes, clauses and other loopholes by means of which the insurance company will be able to shirk compensation payment;

- fix documentary terms, conditions and other nuances in case of which payment should be made;

- scrupulously examine conditions of policy issue;

- examine statistics of compensations disbursement by policies of this company.

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