Natural Disasters Property Insurance

Natural Disasters Property Insurance is not included into the basic agreement of insurance. However you add addition this item to your policy. Recently it has become especially popular. It is connected with increased quantity natural cataclysms and, the victims’ attitude to them: storms, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, snow slides and many other things. Of course, everything depends on place where your values are and statistics of natural cataclysms origin. Losses of valuable property owners are often measured by pretty sums. And naturally the probability of loss concerns their owners.

Of course, to insure the house against snow slide somewhere in the south of the country which has never saw snow will be strange. Therefore, risks aren’t generalized into one point and have clear differentiation: against flood means against flood. But you shouldn’t forget that losses from water affect in general won’t be called the insured event from a flood. For example, if there is a leak in your roof and as a result the goods in warehouse were damaged, naturally you won’t receive a disbursement under flood article. Such fact, as well as any other natural disaster, should be fixed by service of Ministry of Emergency Situations, weather service or other subdivision having similar powers in your district.

Rules of insurance upon natural disasters imply also adequate measures of your safety. For example, defects in the building in which the insured property is stored aren’t admitted. In case of a loss occurrence don’t have any doubt that this fact will be studied by your insurance company and in case of their identification it will be refused in payment to you.

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