Fire Insurance

Property insurance from various types of involuntary ignitions is the most demanded and popular among the insured risks among citizens. Therefore, the program for such type of insurance is developed at each insurance company excepting categorical.

Anything can be insured: completed structures or buildings, not completed constructions, and property inside of them.

On the basis of voluntary property insurance it is impossible to insure the objects which are under already available threat of emergencies or being in such territory declared by Ministry of Emergency Situations or weather service.

Fire insurance contract does not include products from valuable metals, antiques, money, account documents, electronic carriers, such as for example computers, collection things, weapon and dangerous explosives. Insurance above specified subjects requires the conclusion of additional agreement with indication of their estimated value and storage conditions.

Insured events on this type of insurance are: involuntary inflammations of all manifestations, such as blows of lightning, explosions, fall of flying devices or their parts owing to what there was an inflammation.

Risks, such as: earthquakes, volcanic eruption or action of underground fire flows, landslides, mountain collapses, storms, whirlwinds, hurricanes, floods, hails, heavy rains, etc. belong to additional risks which require an additional insurance.

Damages will also not be paid if the insured event was caused by military operations, nuclear explosion, intentional arson of insured person or its representatives.

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