New Insurance Program “City Express”

Some of us already faced a problem when without wishing that caused damage to property of neighbors or on the contrary became the victims of such situations. Water, fire, smoke, physical impact on walls may lead to rather unpleasant results including financial.

During such incidents surely there are disputes who is guilty also and who should pay. It is OK if your neighbors are decent and financially stable people. And what if they are not? Repair is spoiled; lawsuits can last for months and will not lead to positive result for you. To the contrary, what if not replaced leaky in time gasket will become the reason of “a big flood” on three floors? And even more: heating device damage, sewer system or fire? Costs under such article of responsibility can exceed even the cost of the apartment.

The City Express program is developed just for such cases. The program doesn’t imply any special checks and instructions from the insurance company. Such policy can serve as financial protection practically against any troubles connected with effect of water, fire, gas, destructions from impact of natural disasters, etc.

Thus insurance is made for both your property and your responsibility to neighbors in use of your property.

The amount of insurance payments thus directly depends on the chosen insurance program and, of course, the amount of your fees. The agreement is signed exactly for 1 year.

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