Property insurance of citizens

Purchasing or receiving as a gift any property which is of value for you will ask a question how to make so that no external impacts could spoiled it or deprive you this value. But everybody understands that there can be cases in life on which you won’t be able to influence, whether it is theft or fire, accident or something else. It is impossible to prevent everything. Therefore very long time ago people thought up to insure the property not to go away empty-handed in case of trouble.

Let’s consider together the type of insurance intended for protection of property of citizens in cases of sudden loss, damage or other type of risk as a result of which the property won’t be subject to recovery or it will need a repair.

There are such types of property insurance:

- building insurance and constructions;

- insurance of household property;

- cars other vehicles insurance;

- animals insurance.

Property not subjected to standard insurance, for example, documents, securities or manuscripts, pictures, etc. that is things value of which is difficult or can’t be evaluated. Such things are subjected to insurance according to special programs with involvement of appraisers or by the agreement of parties with fixed rate of payment.

Proprietary insurance can be carried out on the basic or additional insurance contract.

In case of insurance policy cost calculation of your property the insurance company proceeds from the value of insurance sum for a certain period (more often it is one year). Both territorial accessory and risk degree will be an important point.

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