Rail Transport Proprietary Insurance

Use of rail vehicles and attendant property for maintaining such type of activity is surely used by system of insurance. Such type of insurance has specific features taken into account. On general basis it has 3 types of insurance similar to insurance of other vehicles: property insurance of owners of the railroad, life [...]

Aviation Assets Insurance

In aviation insurance, as well as in land and sea transport insurance a complex from three types of poles of insurance is applied. This is insurance of aircraft, life and health insurance of people onboard and liability insurance of aircraft and its team.

Thus liability insurance includes a big complex of [...]

Property Insurance Of Sea Transport

This type of insurance has rather difficult structure due to availability of large number of nuances.

There are 3 types of insurance according to this article:

The first is insurance according to MOD insurance system of floating craft and its parts.

The second type is CARGO insurance [...]

Nuances, Conditions And Risks In Case Of Proprietary Insurance

Property insurance is complicated from the point of view of some nuances and conditions of insurance companies. You should become a qualified enough specialist in order to insure your values correctly and effectively otherwise you risk to spend your money and not receive compensation in case of loss occurrence. Besides, the availability of [...]

Property Insurance of Legal Entities

Insurance of legal property is a very widespread type of insurance. Almost each insurance company respecting itself tries to obtain the selling license for such policies. It is also connected with advantage of sale of such credit product type. In comparison with insurance of physical persons, each company or entity irrespective of patterns [...]

Property Insurance Types In Case Of Mortgage

Mortgage credit lending usually implies rather long period during which you will return the received means. It is possible to assume that during all this time there will be many risks which can destroy or reduce the cost of the purchased housing. Fires, destructions, thefts etc., all these factors can undermine the cost [...]

Insurance of vehicles

Such type of property insurance is rather demanded among simple owners of the cars or other moving equipment and among the state or legal entities. Such interest is caused first of all by high cost of such property type and availability of the legislation requiring accomplishment of item of compulsory insurance of vehicles.


Household Property Insurance

Household property insurance is an important direction for insurance companies. Inclusion of such package into the range of insurance products is a sign of company reliability. However there is no a mass flow of insurers in this direction. First of all it is connected with lack of financial stability and partly due to [...]

Property insurance of citizens

Purchasing or receiving as a gift any property which is of value for you will ask a question how to make so that no external impacts could spoiled it or deprive you this value. But everybody understands that there can be cases in life on which you won’t be able to influence, whether [...]

Proprietary insurance in agricultural industry

The property of agricultural industry is always in zone of some risk. It is connected with distant location of such property and with strong dependence on whims of nature. Hail, hurricanes, droughts and many other things don’t promote confidence of owners. Risks are connected with death of animals from epidemics or accidents, and [...]