Insurance Against Theft

Insuring property against theft the insurance companies worry about prevention of cases of deception by the insured person. Therefore, receipt of payments for insurance is possible only in case if the fact of theft is established and proved.

Thus in the insurance contract the article “theft” is included into the basic insurance policy. Such types as “robbery” or “banditry” are added into the additional agreement at the request of the insurer for extra cost.

Some risks which can be interpreted as theft are added into other types of an insurance, for example the article “loss of baggage”, are specified in the agreement of car insurance or a policy of cargo insurance.

In case of registration of the insurance contract from theft, the cost of insurance depends directly on category to which crime will be referred.

The main kinds of theft which are considered in case of payment for policy: theft from houses and similar premises, theft at the enterprise, warehouse, etc. In the first case more often these are things of not a big cost value: personal belongings, jewelry. In the second case these are expensive things.

Region in which you want to insure property is a very important indicator because according to the statistics the number of thefts in big cities exceeds their quantity in small towns and rural type settlements. It is connected with communications of people among themselves. The area in which you want to insure property will be an important point also. It isn’t difficult to guess that in the areas conceded disadvantaged the cost of insurance will be with extra factor.

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