Proprietary Insurance When Moving

Many citizens least once in their life have moved on the neighboring street or to other township, and even to other country.

Transportation of things when moving is rather a big headache for many people. It is especially difficult to transport valuable and fragile things because even you won’t be able to guarantee your own protection against all unforeseen moments which may happen.

For such cases proprietary insurance when moving is provided. You can address to the insurance company, and you can entrust it to a specialized service on transportations. Such services usually cooperate with the proven insurance companies which not only will provide you with compensation in case of loss or damage of your things during movement, but also such compensation as “moral damage”.

All insurance companies divide especially valuable property cargoes into five categories:

- money;

- securities and documents;

- products from valuable metals, collection things;

- fur products, hand-made carpets, tapestries and valuable objects of art;

- antiques (age more than 100 years).

Need to notice not strong desire to insure furniture at insurance companies as the special value requiring the special amounts in case of insurance and compensations.

Besides, it is desirable to transport valuable things in closed safes, otherwise maximum size of compensation will be limited to 1000 euros for money, 2500 euros for documents and 20000 euros for products from valuable metals and stones.

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